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Brochure support GX70
Folding, silver color, for A4, Size: 145x25x48cm
Brochure Support GX71
Black, for A4
Size: 150x22x45cm
Brochure Support GX72
Acrylic, free standing or wall mounted
Size: A4
Cloth hanging GX105
Cloth hanging, free standing
Natural greenery GX100
Ficus Benjamina 40x180cm
Natural greenery GX101
Dracaena, 20x 100cm
Natural greenery GX102
Yuka, 25x 120cm
Flower pot GX103
Orchid flower , h=30cm
Corner storage 1 SQM
Corner storage 1mLx1mWx2,5mH, with folding door;
Corner storage 0.5 SQM
Corner storage 1mLx0,5mWx2,5mH, with folding door
Storage 2sq.m
Deposit 2mLx1mWx2.5mH, door with code locker
Storage 1sqm
Deposit 1mLx1mWx2.5mH, door with code locker
Dust bin
10 liter
Storage 4.5sq.m
Deposit 3mLx1,5mWx2,5mH, door with code locker
Laminate flooring
Neo Vegas, Al edged finished
Deposit 5sq.m
Deposit 5mLx1mWx2,5mH, door with code locker
Partition Module
100cmLx100cmWx120cmH, finished with white panels