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Armchair GX41
Cotton, natural color
Seat size: 48x50x40cm
Sofa GX42

Two seats, white ecological leather, 190x88x66(H) cm
Armchairs IK42
Seat size: 48x50x40cm
Cotton, blue color
Armchair IK41
Seat size: 48x50x40cm, Cotton, white color
Armchair IK43
seat size: 48x50x40cm, Cotton, red color
Seating-Cube GX49
Seat height 45 cm,
White ecological leather
Seating-Cube GX50
Seat height 45 cm,
white/red/blue textile
Dual confort IG411
2 armchairs and 1 suared coffee table
Dual comfort 1 IK
2 armchairs & 1 small coffee table
Dual comfort 2 IK
2 armchairs & 1 long coffee table
Seating comfort 3
Double seats sofa & long coffee table
Seating comfort 4
Small coffee table with 3 grey armchairs