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Vertical Showcase GX51
Showcase with closed deposit at base, lighted on top
Size:50/50 x 50/100 x 200cmH
Lower showcase GX53
With closed deposit at base
Size: 100cmLx50cmWx80/100/110cmH
Soldier Showcase GX54
3 glass shelves, lighted on top
Size: 50cmLx50cmWx200cmH
Display Module GX57
Aluminum system, white panels, white wooden panel on top, closed deposit
Size: 50x50x80cmH
Display Module 2 steps
Size: 100cmLx100cmWx40cmH &
100xmLx50cmWx20cmH, white panels on top
Display Module GX62
Chrome support system, panel or glass on top
Size: 50x50x50/70cmH
Display module GX591
Display module, white/blue/silver panels
Size: 50cmLx50cmWx50cmH
Display module GX581
Display module
White, blue, silver panels
Bar 2 steps
Size: 100cmLx50cmWx120cmH
LED light under top, 1 shelf inside closed deposit
Bar Smart GX592
Bar 150cmLx50cmWx120cmH with small fridge 120l
Display module GX58a
Size: 50cmLx50cmWx80cmH
Display module GX58
Wooden made
Size: 50x50x50cmH
Display Module GX453
Paint wooden pales, 2 glass shelves 60cmLx30cmW, closed with key access.
Display Module GX844
White paint wooden panels
Size: 120cmLx35cmWx90cmH
3 Shelves Module
3 Shelves in metal structure, 100cmLx50cmWx200cmH
Duo Display Modules
2pcs x White paint wooden panels
Size: 120cmLx35cmWx90cmH/ each
Wall Shelf